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Title : Dr.
First Name : STEPHAN
Last Name : JAHN
University/Institution : University of Florida
Email ID : [email protected]
City : Gainesville
Country : United States
State : Florida
Zipcode : 32610
Department : Medicinal Chemistry
Company Name :
Area of Research
Area of Expertise
Cancer Biology
Brief Description of Research Interest :
My dissertation research examined the role of overactive Cdk2 in the chromosomal instability of cancer.  This increased activity alters multiple cell cycle checkpoints.  Inactivation of the tetraploidy checkpoint in particular allows cells to become tetraploid upon treatment with spindle poisons such as paclitaxel

I am currently studying the metabolism of dichloroacetate (DCA), an investigative drug currently in being studied for use against multiple diseases including cancer.  DCA is metabolized by the liver enzyme GSTZ1, but this metabolism irreversibly inactivates GSTZ1, leading to an accumulation of the toxic physiological substrates of GSTZ1 and potential side effects.  I am interested in discovering the mechanism by which the magnitude of this inactivation differs amongst patients as well as exploring how decreased GSTZ1 expression in liver cancer alters DCA metabolism.  I am also working to develop a small molecule inhibitor through structure-based drug design that will block this inactivation, allowing a wider use of DCA.
Representative Publications :

Jahn SC, Law ME, Corsino PE, Rowe TC, Davis BJ, Law BK.  Assembly, Activation, and Substrate Specificity of Cyclin D1/Cdk2 Complexes.Biochemistry (2013 in Press)

Jahn SC, Corsino PE, Davis BJ, Law ME, Norgaard P, Law BK.  Constitutive Cdk2 ActivationPromotes Aneuploidy While Altering the Spindle Assembly and TetraploidyCheckpoints. J Cell Sci. 126(Pt 5):1207-17 (2013)

Jahn SC*, Law ME*, Corsino PE, Parker NN, Pham K, Davis BJ, Lu J, Law BK.  An In Vivo Model ofEpithelial to Mesenchymal Transition Reveals a Mitogenic Switch. Cancer Letters. 326(2):183-90 (2012) [* denotes co-first authors]

Jahn S, Law M, Corsino P, Law B. TGF-beta Antiproliferative Effects in Tumor Suppression.  Front Biosci. 4:749-66 (2012) [Review Article]

Jahn S. Spindle Assembly Checkpoint entry in the Encyclopedia of Cancer (2012)

Jahn S, Law B. CDCP1 entry in the Encyclopedia of Cancer (2012)

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