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Title : Dr.
First Name : LAURA
Last Name : DAMIANO
Email ID : [email protected]
City : San Francisco
Country : United States
State : California
Zipcode : 94121
Company Name :
Brief Description of Research Interest :

I received my Ph.D. in 2009 at the University of Torino,Italy, studying aberrant signal transduction in breast cancer with Prof. PaolaDefilippi.  Then I moved to San Francisco for my postdoctoral research at the University of California San Francisco in Prof. Valerie Weaver’s laboratory studying chromatin remodeling and extracellular matrix-cell interaction during mammary gland development and breast cancer progression. During my eleven years of academic research experience I contributed to the preparation and editing of several original articles. In 2013 I made the definitive jump into the scientific writing, and  now I am a freelance scientific editor—performing copyediting and substantive editing services—a blogger for Scienceblog, and atranslator for ScienceDocs. My areas of expertise are cell and molecular biology, cancer biology, biotechnology, genetics, and biomedical research.

Representative Publications :

1.Mouw J.K., Yui Y.,Damiano L., Bainer R.O., Lakins J.N, Ou G., Wijekoon A.C.,Acerbi I., Levental K.R., Gilbert P.M., Chen Y.and Weaver V.M. “Tissuemechanics modulate microRNA-dependent PTEN expression to regulate malignantprogression” Nature Medicine, 2014 Mar 16. [Epub ahead of print]


2. Damiano L., Stewart K.M., Mouw J.K., Lakins J.N., Debnath J.,Nickerson J.A., Imbalzano A.N., and  WeaverV.M.. “Oncogenic targeting of BRM drives malignancy through C/EBPβ-dependent induction of α5integrin.” Oncogene. 2013 Jun 17. [Epub ahead of print]


3. Damiano L., Le DévédecSE, Di Stefano P, Repetto D, Lalai R, Truong H, Xiong JL, Danen EH, Yan K,Verbeek FJ, De Luca E, Attanasio F, Buccione R, Turco E, van de Water B,Defilippi P."p140Cap suppresses the invasive properties of highlymetastatic MTLn3-EGFR cells via impaired cortactin phosphorylation"Oncogene. 2012 Feb 2;31(5):624-33.


4. Di Stefano P., Camacho Leal M.P., Tornillo G.,Bisaro B., Damiano L., Morello V., Repetto D., Pincini A., Aramu S.,Sharma N., Grasso S., Turco E., Cabodi S., Defilippi P. “p140Cap and p130CasAdaptor Proteins as Molecular Hubs in Cell Migration and Invasion” ConnectiveTissue Research 2011, 52(4): 255–289.


5. Cabodi S., DiStefano P., Leal Mdel P., Tinnirello A., Bisaro B., Morello V., Damiano L., Aramu S., Repetto D., Tornillo G.,Defilippi P. "Integrins and signal transduction" AdvExp Med Biol.2010;674:43-54. Review.


6. Damiano L., Di Stefano P.,Camacho Leal MP, BarbaM.,Mainiero F., Cabodi S., Tordella L., Sapino A. Castellano I.,Canel M., FrameM.,Turco E.,Defilippi P. “A p140Cap-dependent dual regulation ofE-cadherin/EGFR cross-talk controls cell scatter and proliferation in humancancer cells” Oncogene. 2010 Jun 24;29(25):3677-90.


7. Zeoli A.,Dentelli P., Rosso A., Togliatto G., Trombetta A., Damiano L., di Celle PF., Pegoraro L., AltrudaF., Brizzi MF. “Interleukin-3promotes expansion of hemopoietic-derived CD45+ angiogenic cells and theirarterial commitment via STAT5 activation” Blood. 2008 Jul 15;112(2):350-61.


8. Di Stefano P., Damiano L., Cabodi S., Aramu S., Tordella L, Piva R., CavalloF.,Forni G, Silengo L., Tarone G.,Turco E., Defilippi P. “p140Cap proteinsuppresses tumour cell properties, regulating Csk and Src kinase activity” EMBOJ. 2007 Jun 20;26(12):2843-55.


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